Next Steps in Incorporating Green Infrastructure into Asset Management Planning

February 10, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
$65 - $90

Green Infrastructure Ontario

Session 3 – Green Infrastructure Risk and Criticality

Presented by the Green Infrastructure Ontario (GIO) Coalition.

This three-part course will provide municipal staff with an understanding of how to incorporate green infrastructure into the asset management planning process. Participants will learn about developing levels of service for green infrastructure as well as how to undertake lifecycle management and risk/criticality assessments for green infrastructure assets. For each of the topics, we will cover examples of natural, engineered, and enhanced green infrastructure assets. Learn more about the course.


This session will focus on conducting risk and criticality assessments for green infrastructure. Risk and criticality measures can allow municipalities to prioritize asset needs. This training will include information on modes of failure for green infrastructure assets, as well as how to assess probability of failure and consequence of failure and determine an overall criticality score. This session will also delve into different maturity levels for criticality assessments and discuss what types of analyses can be done at different levels of maturity.

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