Webinar: Maintenance and Rehabilitation of LID

February 16, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program

Course Description

\r\nOperationalizing an LID approach to stormwater management requires municipalities and property managers to develop their capacity to inspect and maintain best management practices (BMPs) that most have little or no experience with. To assist with this challenge the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has developed a guidance document to help managers of stormwater infrastructure develop efficient and effective LID inspection and maintenance programs. Key considerations related to inspection and maintenance during the design, plan review and construction contract tendering stages will be highlighted. Recommended inspection and maintenance plans for bioretention and permeable pavement BMPs will be presented that describe routine tasks and frequencies, tips to help preserve BMP function and options for rehabilitating BMPs found to be in need of repair. Cost estimates for construction, maintenance and rehabilitation over a 50 year BMP life cycle will be compared. Insights gained by Credit Valley Conservation from tracking maintenance at several of their LID demonstration sites in the Greater Toronto Area will also be shared.

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