Inspiring Initiatives:
Inspiring Initiatives:


EcoHealth Ontario has launched a new website packed with tools and resources to help promote the important connection between community health and ecosystem health. Guides on improving green space access, and the benefits of nature can be found that provide a strong case for green infrastructure and encouraging outdoor recreation to enhance health! Check it out here.


A Biodiversity Community Garden, the final product of a decade-long paddock restoration project has opened in Kilkenny, Ireland as part of the “All Ireland Pollinator Plan” and the re-wilding of Ireland. The program seeks to increase the number of natural landscapes that allow pollinator species to survive and thrive. This is just one of many projects planned across Ireland to introduce more green space and engage communities in sustainable gardening, all while enhancing biodiversity. Click here to learn more about the project.

The UK

A new Green Infrastructure Resource Library has been launched online out of the UK. The resource library has a wide variety of reports, tools, information and case-studies on green infrastructure in the UK – all of which is free to use! With easier access to green infrastructure resources, a wider breadth of organizations can learn about the advantages of green infrastructure and find ways to incorporate it into their own communities. Browse the database here.

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