Inspiring Initiatives
Inspiring Initiatives

Prescribing Nature

There is a growing body of evidence connecting exposure to natural spaces with a rise in emotional well-being and an overall positive impact on physical health. In fact, many doctors are prescribing nature – suggesting patients take the time to explore their local greenspaces to enhance their health.

Two hospitals in Norway have taken this even further – they are bringing access to the outdoors and natural spaces by building outdoor retreat centers on the hospital grounds. These centers are nestled within the woodlands to offer nature reprieves for patients.

The built structures emulate tree houses, and with wheelchair accessibility they provide an accessible nature experience for patients and especially children of varying degrees of health. Skylights and large windows bring the outdoors in, and opportunities are available around the retreat for patients to hike, fish, paint outdoors, do archery, and build campfires.

Click here to learn more about the hospitals’ approach to nature retreats:

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