Recent Research: Green infrastructure and water
Recent Research: Green infrastructure and water

Recent Research: Green infrastructure and water

 Last week was world water week. In its honour we are highlighting recent research that relates to green infrastructure and water, including a report on the real estate sector’s role in managing water, a case study on barriers to green infrastructure, a study on the flood-related ecosystem services of green spaces, and a local series of watershed report cards.

Managing Water: The Real Estate Sector’s Role

This report by the Urban Land Institute focuses on green infrastructure and stormwater management from a private sector real estate perspective. It includes a useful compilation of case studies as well asexamples of policy from across the US. To read the full report, see here.

Recognizing barriers to implementation of Blue-Green infrastructure: a Newcastle case study.

This recent case study by O’Donnell, Lamond and Thorne looks at the barriers to green infrastructure implementation in Newcastle, UK. Seventeen biophysicial and sociopolitical barriers are identified in this paper. Most prevalent among the socio-political barriers was in essence a lack of knowledge. To read the study findings and recommendations, see here.

Water in the city: Green open spaces, land use planning and flood management – An Australian case study

Schuch et al (2017) examine the flood-related ecosystem services in regional planning of green open spaces. This paper includes recommendations for assisting in planning for green open spaces in support of ecosystem services that relate to flood management. Read the abstract and purchase the article here.

Conservation Authorities 2018 Watershed Report Cards

Ontario’s Conservation Authorities 2018 Watershed Report Cards provide a ‘check up’ on the health of many of Ontario’s Watersheds. They track and report on the surface and groundwater quality as well as the conditions of our forests. The results of this information can be used by Conservation Authorities and other practitioners, all levels of government, industry and environmental agencies to help conserve, restore and protect the natural resources that support us. Find your watershed report card here.