Three things we learnt at Grey to Green 2018
Three things we learnt at Grey to Green 2018

Three things we learnt at Grey to Green 2018


1.     Community-driven green infrastructure projects can help inspire and ignite neighbourhood revitalization.

Bronzville, a neighbourhood in south Chicago that has a rich cultural history but has seen decades of disrepair, is seeing a renaissance that includes green infrastructure and other sustainability initiatives. A roof-top community garden is just one of several projects that the Bronzeville incubator has brought to life to strengthen the ties within this community. Steps away from the neighbourhood’s greenline train stop, the new rooftop garden has brought a little respite of green while also growing healthy local food. See what they’re growing here:


2.     Partnerships in London UK are building better wildlife and human habitat in one of the most urban places on Earth.

The Crown Estate in London is working on a groundbreaking partnership to add 1 ha of green to one of the most historic and well-used areas of the City. This project, which has taken a spatial ecology approach to link the existing green spaces of Regent Park and St James’s Park, is a great example of how innovative thinking and collaboration can make a greener and healthier city possible. Our personal favourite initiative was the requirement for green wall scaffolding on construction sites. Some even have strawberries growing on them!

Check out the project website here:

3.     Urban agriculture is helping create a sense of place, and possibly a new generation of farmers.

There are some really inspiring urban agriculture projects in Ontario and around the world. They fall on a spectrum from low tech community gardens that help build community and provide additional environmental benefits, to high-tech vertical farms that help with food security and get young professionals into the agricultural business. The average age of an employee in the agriculture sector is 58, so the next generation of farmers is much needed! Check out some projects here:  and here