Urban Forestry Speaker Series

Lecture #1

Matthew Stephens (Director of Street Tree Planting, New York City Department of Parks and Recreation). Learn about New York City’s street tree planting program.

Lecture #2

Bram Gunther (Chief of Forestry, New York City Department of Parks & Recreation). Learn about New York City’s urban forest and green infrastructure programs.

Lecture #3

Jeremy Barrick (Deputy Chief of Forestry, Horticulture, and Natural Resources). Learn about how NYC Parks responds to major storm events like Hurricane Sandy.

Lecture #4

James Kaechele (Development Manager, New York Tree Trust). Learn about how New York City’s uses public-private partnerships for its green infrastructure initiatives.

Lecture #5

Navé Strauss (Senior Forester, NYC Parks)\r\n\r\nLearn about the Young Street Tree Pruning and Tree Procurement Programs that are so crucial to the City’s efforts at building a greener city through planting street trees.